Our History

Our unique award-winning firm was founded in 1980 by Kerry Levin to produce high-quality, innovative residential and commercial Architecture.  In response to our client’s desire for more efficient project delivery, we added Construction Management and General Contracting services by 1984.

 Property Management services were started by 1986 to maintain our increasing portfolio of residential and commercial properties.  Finally, to provide our clients with comprehensive “one-stop services,” we added Real Estate Brokerage in 1989. Today, we combine the talents of our diverse staff to produce the most all-encompassing building services available.

Imagine your architect pulling comps to confirm that your renovation won’t overprice the building for its neighborhood.  Or your broker providing you a property’s zoning information and renovation costs. Or your contractor recommending the right fixtures, based not only upon initial expense, but upon their maintenance and life-cycle costs. Or your property manager sketching plans, on the spot, for your tenant buildout.  It’s like having the knowledge and service of four professionals, rolled into one.

Our projects range in size from an interior renovation to an entire downtown. Our clients are as diverse as homeowners, corporations, governments, and other industry professionals.  Our development portfolio boasts some of the area’s most innovative projects.  Whatever services you seek, you’ll find our ability to blend Art, Science, and Economics unparalleled.

At Levin Associates…we “Do It Better”!

Our Mission

To be the Leader in Integrated Building Services.

Our Purpose

Simply, to DO IT BETTER. To design more responsive buildings; to construct with higher quality, more efficiently; to provide the best in property management services; and to raise the bar for excellence in brokerage. To see solutions others can’t; to be better than our competition; to outdo our own prior efforts. Levin Associates Architects: DO IT BETTER.

Our Values


We fully commit to seeking unique and creative solutions for every assignment. We stay safely ahead of the competition and marketplace: we don’t follow trends by staying in the middle of the pack, and are not so far ahead that we lose the rest of the team. We seek to improve not only the work of others, but our own as well..


We honor our client’s goals and manage their resources as if they were our own, always balancing our professional judgment with their dreams. We listen and try to hear not only what is said, but also what is not said. We communicate truthfully, patiently, and from the heart.


We strive to honor our commitments to those whose relationships our work depends: our clients and tenants; contractors and vendors; families and friends. We strive to balance the needs of all we serve, seeking win-win solutions for all interactions. We honor the trust put in us by placing our client’s needs above ours, and managing their resources as if they are our own.


We strive for achieving the best results possible, whether it be award-winning design, unparalleled construction quality, highest property management and maintenance standards, or exemplary real estate transactions. We study and learn from the work done by others, and don’t accept mediocrity in our own. We strive for excellence in all that we undertake.


We bring excellence and intensity in everything we do; in our work, our relationships, our creativity. Our love of people and the building process is evident in how we positively affect everyone we serve; with creativity, efficiency, compassion, and humor. We believe attitudes are contagious, and ours is worth catching.